Preliminary Approval and Development

Once all the information (zoning, health requirements, access, layout and other) on your application has been received and reviewed you will be notified of the decision on your preliminary subdivision application. If the Approving Officer considers that your application will conform to all the legislation, regulations, bylaws and policies concerning subdivision, and would not otherwise unreasonably affect the public interest, you will be issued a Preliminary Layout Approval (PLA). If not, you will be issued a PLNA, with the reasons why your subdivision proposal is not approvable.

Some examples of the PLA conditions are:

  • Layout changes
  • Road or park dedication
  • Servicing requirements such as access, water, sewer, drainage, etc.
  • Referral agency comments such as local government, health authorities, Agricultural Land Commission, etc.
  • Obtaining specialistsí reports on traffic impacts, geophysical hazards, environmental assessments, etc.
  • Local government bylaw requirements

Although Preliminary Layout Approval gives you a measure of assurance that the subdivision will receive final approval, it is not a guarantee of final approval.†

This guide is a living document; it is subject to change without notice. Please check the Rural Subdivisions Website ( to make sure you version is sufficiently current.