Section 7 — Audit Summary

This section summarizes the facility audits conducted for the period requested. The scores and status is the same information as your audit report. Compliance reviews are not included in this summary. Click on a green highlighted item to hear an explanation.

1. This column lists the maximum number of points applied for each category of the audit.

2. This column shows you the earliest audit during the period requested. Later audits will appear to the right.

3. The yellow highlighted example shows that on the first audit during this time period, the carrier scored the maximum number of points on their audit, scoring 5/5 for Hours of Service logs, 5/5 for data items, and 20/20 for cycles. So their non- compliance rate was 100 percent. But by the second audit, they brought their hours of service scores down: 0/5 for Logs, 2/5 for data items, and 8/20 for cycles, for a non-compliance rate of 33 percent.

4. An audit status is assigned to the carrier after the audit is completed. This carrier scored 29 on their second audit, which gave them a status of “Satisfactory” at the time. Note that the audit scores for each status changed in facility audits as of June 1st, 2014.

The carrier profile report shows you the range of scores for each status: