Extraordinary Loads

What is an Extraordinary Load?

The Commercial Transport Program is responsible for providing special authorizations, approvals or permits for vehicles and/or loads that:

  • Exceed 64 000 kg on non-approved overload routes (load must be stripped or fully reduced in order to obtain an approval)
  • Exceed 85 000 kg
  • Do not comply with policy limits specified in the Commercial Transport Procedures Manual (i.e., loads that are larger or heavier than allowed by regular permits)
  • Is an oversize non-reducible load travelling more than 110 km
  • Exceed 4.4 m wide, except on pre-approved routes described in the  CVSE1001, 1002, or 1003 forms
  • Exceed 4.88 m high (5.33 m in the Peace River Region), or exceed any policy height limit
  • Exceed 40 m in overall length (except Lower Mainland)

How do I know if I need to apply for a special approval?

Do I also need signatures from utility companies, RCMP or districts I will be travelling through?

  • You will need signatures on a CVSE1052 form for each district you travel through if your load is over 6 m wide or over 4.88 m high (5.33 m in the Peace Region), before your permit can be issued.
  • You will find a blank CVSE1052 form and also a list of contacts to get you started on the signatures you need, on the
    T-Forms Webpage

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