Commercial Transport Program


The Commercial Transport program monitors safety on the highways, promotes public safety and protects infrastructure through the development of standards and policies for heavy commercial vehicle weights and dimensions. The program also seeks to minimize impacts to industry by pursuing the harmonization of weights and dimensions standards and enforcement policies with Canadian and neighbouring USA and North American jurisdictions.

Commercial Transport establishes transportation policies and safety standards regarding weights, dimensions, load security and vehicle configurations. Under established conditions (policy) and for prescribed fees, permits to exceed legal limits are issued by the Provincial Permit Centre (e.g. term oversize/overweight permits), 1-800-559-9688. Applications to move extraordinarily heavy or large loads are reviewed through the Extraordinary Load Approval process (see Commercial Transport Procedures Manual, Section 6-4).

The Commercial Transport Act and Regulations and the Commercial Transport Procedures Manual provide inspectors with interpretation guidelines. Inspection stations (formerly known as weigh scales) are located in various districts throughout British Columbia.

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