Premium Carrier Program

Premium Carrier Program Application

The Premium Carrier Program is a recognition program initiated in partnership with the BC Trucking Association (BCTA). It is based on the premise that sound driving practices lead to safer highways and more competitive businesses.

The Premium Carrier Program reflects both the Ministry’s and BCTA’s solid commitment to promoting safety.

Purpose of the Program  

The Premium Carrier Program is intended to enhance road safety by recognizing and rewarding those carriers who show exceptional commitment to safety and to showcase their best practices as examples for other carriers. 

This Program will recognize Premium Carriers as industry leaders and models for other carriers. By identifying the best carriers and including them in the Premium Carrier Program, it will allow Ministry staff to focus roadside enforcement activities on carriers that are more likely to need attention. 


The main benefit of the Premium Carrier Program is recognition of the carrier’s success in achieving safe transportation practices. In addition, the program promotes pride and leadership among the participants; it provides an incentive for carriers to attract high calibre employees; it encourages drivers to train themselves to the highest standards in order to be able to work alongside the “best of the best” in their industry.

Benefits to industry include:

  • Recognition as being the “best of the best” which the carriers can use to market themselves to shippers. This recognition is publicised by:
    • A certificate that can be displayed at the carrier’s premises
    •  A watermark for use on company stationary and their website
    • Inclusion on the list of recommended carriers on CVSE’s website
    • Automatic assignment of the lowest random report percentage (5%) for Program participants registered in the Weigh2GoBC Program
    • Free transponders provided for the carrier’s entire fleet to participate in the Weigh2GoBC Program.

Program Requirements

The Premium Carrier Program is available to truck and bus operators that:

  • have more than 20 BC base plated commercial motor vehicles in their fleets;
  • have operated continuously in BC for at least three (3) years prior to application; and
  • the applicant, and any carrier controlled by the applicant or its directors or officers, must have had a satisfactory or satisfactory-unaudited NSC Safety Rating for the past three (3) years

Successful applicants must have a valid BCeID and meet the following requirements:

  • Overall NSC score better than the provincial median score,
  • Any two of the following criteria:
    • Certificate of Recognition (COR) issued by a recognized WorkSafeBC authorized safety association (copy must be provided),
    • Above average WCB safety record (most recent annual rate notification letter must be submitted),
    • ICBC discount of 50% or better (proof of discount must be provided)
  • Note: In addition, none of the applicant’s vehicles have qualified for the Enhanced Licence Plate Removal Program over the last 12 months.

An interview and/or site visit may be required to qualify for this program.

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