1. The Trail-Salmo Highway easterly from the Village of Fruitvale to the west boundary of the Village of Salmo as defined on Department Plans R.S.725-16, R.S.725-l8 and 137-8.

OIC Number: 464 - March 6 (Saturday), 1954

Gazette Date: March 24 (Wednesday), 1954

2. The Trail-Salmo-Nelson Highway* from the north end of the new bridge across the Columbia River on Highway 3B within the City of Trail, to the northerly boundary of the Village of Fruitvale.

* A revised designation - route altered to new bridge at Trail original control established May, 1957 through Aug. 1957.

OIC Number: 1091 - May 1 (Tue), 1962

Gazette Date: May 10 (Thu), 1962