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Transportation and Infrastructure

We’re Carbon Neutral

Under the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act, the B.C. Government and other public sector organizations must be carbon neutral. This involves measuring GHG emissions, reducing these emissions, and offsetting the remainder through payments into the Pacific Carbon Trust

Our ministry is actively working to ensure employees and service delivery partners reduce emissions in four key areas – fleet management, buildings, business travel and supplies. 

A few highlights of what we’ve done to date include:

  • Greening our fleet by using hybrid technology or green fuels in many of our fleet vehicles
  • Upgrading the energy efficiency of our existing offices and building a new Kamloops office to LEED Silver certification
  • Using more than 40 videoconferencing units to cut down on business travel
  • Switching to 100 per cent recycled paper and reducing paper consumption through double-sided printing

For more details on these and other actions, see our carbon neutral report.