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Transportation and Infrastructure

Taking Action on Climate Change

What We’re Doing About Climate Change

The scientific evidence for global warming and climate change is overwhelming, and so is the urgent need for action.  What we do has the power to shape the future of our environment, our economy, our communities and our way of life. Here’s what the B.C. Government is doing to address climate change:

  • Backing our greenhouse gas reduction targets with a law to make certain we reduce B.C.’s emissions by 33 per cent by 2020 and 80 per cent by 2050, compared to 2007 levels.
  • Legally requiring all provincial public sector organizations to be carbon neutral by 2010.
  • Taking targeted action in all sectors of the B.C. economy to help reduce emissions and set the course for the new low-carbon economy.
  • Educating and engaging British Columbians about climate change, what it means for our province, and how each of us can take action.
  • Taking coordinated action to help B.C. adapt to climate change.

Global warming is one of the biggest challenges of our generation, but with decisive action it can be met.  The actions we take now will help us to sustain the quality of life we enjoy today and provide a promising future for the next generation.

Climate Action Plan - British ColumbiaThe Province of British Columbia is leading the charge on climate change and our Climate Action Plan is one of the most aggressive in North America.

The Climate Action Plan is the province’s roadmap to a prosperous and green economy and describes how we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from all sectors, including transportation.

The Link Between Transportation and Climate Action

Reducing emissions from transportation requires specific, targeted actions, as this sector generates about 37 per cent of total provincial GHG emissions. On this site you can learn more about what we are doing at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to green our transportation system.

Actions You Can Take

Each of us can take action to reduce transportation GHG emissions. For information on steps you can take, see LiveSmartBC.