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Transportation and Infrastructure

Bridge Management Information System (BMIS)

Access Procedure

Click on the BMIS link:

On the next screen enter your IDIR user id and password and click “Next” as shown by the red circles in the picture below.

logon window graphic

When you log in for the first time with a new IDIR password, you may be asked to change the password immediately.

If you are following the automatic installation option, Oracle JInitiator will be downloaded and installed at this point. Please follow on screen instructions. You may be required to restart the internet browser after installation of Jinitiator. If the version of Oracle JInitiator you installed does not lead you to the next screen, then please uninstall it and follow the manual installation procedure mentioned above.

To place a shortcut to BMIS on your desktop, open the internet browser window with the grey box displayed in the middle, right-click on the white area outside the grey box and click on the “Create Shortcut” option. Confirm by clicking on “OK” to create a shortcut to BMIS on your desktop.

To add the link to BMIS to your favorites, with the internet browser window open, click on "Favorites" and then "Add to Favorites…” Type BMIS for the name of the link and click on "OK".

Finally, when you are ready to start using BMIS enter your BMIS user id and password in the Oracle Forms Login Screen and click on "OK" to log onto BMIS.