Ministry Publications

Service Plans and Annual Reports

Quick link to Ministry'service plans and annual reports.

Transportation Studies and Reports

A selected list of reports and studies prepared by or for the Ministry.

Engineering Publications

Links to selected PDF documents related to bridge engineering; environmental management; traffic, electrical, highway safety, and geometric standards; and geotechnical and pavement engineering.

Construction Maintenance Publications

Cost guides, specifications and information for preparing construction contracts and completion reports.

Highway Planning Publications

Highway planning guidelines, tools, safety data, and provincial highway information. 


Ministry videos.

Ministry Forms

Province of British Columbia aerial and reaction ferry operation and maintenance manuals.

Road Runner

Employee newsletter.

Technical Circulars

A listing of current technical circulars and all technical circulars.

Technical Bulletins

New guidelines or instructions for the B.C. Supplement to TAC Geometric Design Guide, Geotechnical Materials as well as Traffic and Electrical updates that are necessary prior to major document updates are done with Technical Bulletins to provide for a more speedy distribution process.

B.C. Maps

Links to B.C. maps and mapping resources.


Specifications for Standard Highway Sign
Materials, Fabrication and Supply

Sets out the requirements for the fabrication of all highway signs on provincial highways and includes a catalogue of Standard Traffic Signs.