Highway Planning and Programming Publications


Overview of Planning in MoTI (PDF)
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure - April 2014

Planning is a diverse activity, however it is primarily focused on identifying and defining highway performance problems using appropriate criteria, and then generating and evaluating improvement options.

Corridor Management Plan and Project Level In-Service Road Safety Review Guidelines (PDF, 252 KB)
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure - Revised November 2010

Guidelines on safety problem identification, problem definition, option development and option evaluation for corridor management plans and other planning studies.

Federal-Provincial Business Case Guidelines (PDF 130 KB)
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure - June 7,2006

Business Case Guidelines (PDF, 41 KB)
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure - November 2015

An overview of the ministry's approach to preparing business cases, including Capital Program Board direction on the importance of business cases, 5 key steps for preparing business cases, performance measures, and ministry contacts.

  • Appendix 1 Problem Identification 2014-04-16 (PDF)
  • Appendix 2 Problem Definition 2014-04-17 (PDF)
  • Appendix 3 Option Development 2014-04-16 (PDF)
  • Appendix 4 Option Evaluation, including Multiple Account Evaluation 2014-12-04 (PDF)
  • Appendix 5 Cost Estimating and Risk Assessment 2014-04-16 (PDF)
  • Appendix 6 Performance Measures 2015-11-18 (PDF)

Sample Business Cases

Guidelines for Business Case Quality and Consistency (PDF)
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure - April 2014

Project Cost Estimating Guidelines (PDF 1009 KB)
revised September 2013

Guidelines on preparing project cost estimates for capital and rehabilitation projects, including estimating principles, framework for submission, classification of estimates, estimating methods and several Cost Estimating Tools in the form of spreadsheets, have been compiled to assist cost estimators in developing and documenting their cost estimates for Ministry projects.

Benefit Cost Analysis Guidebook (PDF 231 KB)
Substantially Revised August 2014

Guidelines for the benefit cost analysis of highway improvement projects in British Columbia. Also discusses the Transportation Investment Plan, Business Cases, and Multiple Account Evaluation providing context for benefit cost analysis.

Default Values for Benefit Cost Analysis (PDF 1 MB)
May 2018

Describes the default values that should be used for benefit cost analysis of highway improvement projects in British Columbia.

Guidelines for Quantifying Vehicle Emissions Within the Ministry's MAE Framework (PDF 4.23 MB)
November 11, 2007

This document provides background on motor vehicle emissions, guidelines and methodologies for quantifying vehicle emissions, and 2 worked examples.

Link to the Transportation Research Board Site on Access Management



Benefit-Cost Analysis Tools

ShortBEN High Level Benefit Cost Tool (Excel File 51 KB)
Revised May 2018

Safety-BenCost (Excel File, 146 KB)
Revised May 2018

A tool for the benefit cost analysis of highway safety improvements using the ministry's Collision Prediction Models and Collision Modification Factors.

Highway Safety Modeling – Worked Example (Powerpoint, 8,665 KB)
July 2012

This PowerPoint presentation provides a worked example of many of the steps in Safety-BenCost.  The worked example is also solved in the original version of Safety-BenCost, so the spreadsheet tool and the PowerPoint presentation can be used together to develop a better understanding of the basic steps and the tool before applying the tool to new projects.

Project Cost Estimating Tools

NOTE: The unit rates and prices contained in these tools are not to be considered current or necessarily applicable for any particular region of the province. It is expected that the unit rates and prices in these tools will be reviewed and updated by the estimator. Estimators must establish their own unit rates and prices in these tools, and ensure they reflect prices prevailing at the time their estimate is prepared. Estimators are fully responsible for the project cost estimates they produce from their use of these tools.

Sample Project Cost Estimate Worksheets Template (Excel File)

A tool to be used as the format for developing and providing a complete cost estimate submission package (contains three worksheets templates)

Consultant Application to Access and Sign on Instructions for the MOTI Construction Cost Data (restricted website) (MSWord)

MoTI Conceptual Cost Estimating Tool (Excel file)

A tool developed for conceptual level estimating for 4-laning, passing/climbing lane and bridge projects

Highway Cost Estimating using the Elemental Parametric Method (Excel file) and User Manual (PDF)

A tool developed by E. Wolski Consulting Inc. under contract to the MoTI.

Highway Planning Cost Estimating System (Excel file) and User Manual (PDF)

A tool developed by Kneeshaw Engineering (2001) under contract to the MoTI

Create Ministry Estimate Schedule of Approximate Quantities and Unit Prices (FORM: H0088)

A tool used to produce the Schedule 7 required to tender construction contracts


Provincial Highways

Official Numbered Routes List

Numbered Highways Functional Classification List (PDF 21 KB)

Numbered Highways Functional Classification Map (PDF 1.03 MB)

Numbered Highways Service Classification

The EXCEL Version of the Landmark Kilometre Inventory (LKI) can be used to determine how the service classification changes along numbered highways.

National Highway System List (PDF 51 KB)

National Highway System Map (PDF 8261 KB)



Collision Prediction Models and Collision Modification Factors for BC

Provincial Average Collision Rates, Number of Collisions and Collision Severity by Service Class and Traffic Volume Range


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