Engineering Branch Publications


Environmental Management Section Publications

Environmental Management Section has initiated a number of directives and programs to achieve its goals for minimizing the effects of roadway development on the surrounding environment. These include.



Environmental Regulatory Compliance For British Columbia Highway Development and Operation

Environmental Best Practices for Highway Maintenance Activities manual (PDF, 637 KB)

Guidelines for Environmental Design of Highway Drainage (PDF, 5.7 MB)

Bridge Drainage Collection and Treatment Environmental, Design and Operational Issues Guidelines (838 KB PDF)

Guidelines for Use of Treated Wood In and Around Aquatic Environments and Disposal of Treated Wood (PDF, 5.2 MB )

Highway Environment Fact Sheets

Culvert Retrofit Program (PDF, 456 KB)

Environmental Enhancement Fund Program (PDF, 1092 KB)

Standard Specifications for Highway Construction - Volume 1

  • See Section 165 –"Protection of the Environment"

Standard Specifications for Highway Construction

The complete set of Standard Specifications can be access from the following web links:

Standard Specifications for Highway Construction - Volume 1

Standard Specifications for Highway Construction - Volume 2

Noise Policy and Mitigation

Revised Policy for Mitigating the Effects of Traffic Noise (October 27, 2016) (PDF, 299 KB)

Noise Control Earth Berms (PDF, 4.7 MB)

Wildlife Management

Please note: Contact information included in the publications shown below is out of date.

Please direct all inquiries to: Leonard Sielecki, Environmental Issues Analyst: 250-356-2255

Wildlife Identification Field Guide - Red and Blue Listed Amphibians and Reptiles in British Columbia - 2010 Edition (PDF, 3987 KB)

Wildlife Migration Response Protocol for Highway Operations(PDF, 373 KB)

Wildlife Accident Reporting and MitigatioN in British Columbia

Wildlife Roadkill Identification Guide (WRIG)

Wildlife Exclusion Systems (PDF, 353 KB)

Standard Specifications for Highway Construction - Volume 2

  • See Section 700 - "Wildlife Exclusion Fencing"

Advisory for Handling Wildlife Carcasses (PDF, 32 KB)

Road Runner — Selected Articles

On the Move Again: The Great Annual Summit Lake Western Toad Migration
(839 KB - Road Runner, November 2011)

Bear in Mind�the Message is Out
(1,197 KB - Road Runner, November 2011)

Roads and Toads Workshop Offers Protection Strategies
(582 KB - Road Runner, May 2011)

Why did the Western Painted Turtle Cross the Centreline?
(668 KB - Road Runner, August 2010)

Promoting Biodiversity in British Columbia
(412 KB - Road Runner, July 2009)

Is it “Red-Listed?” Protecting the Elusive Sasquatch in B.C.
(208 KB - Road Runner, July 2009)

B.C. Contributes to Noise Reduction on State Route 520
(78 KB - Road Runner, November 2008

Toad on the Road II – The Sequel
(133 KB - Road Runner, September 2008

Taking the “What the heck is it?” Out of Roadkill Identification
(66 KB - Road Runner, March 2008

Bigger Than You Think! – Wildlife in British Columbia
(117 KB - Road Runner, March 2008

Gathering History of Rattlesnake Underpasses in Southern B.C. 94 KB - Road Runner, January 2008)

Toadlet Tsunami Strikes Vancouver Island Inland Highway
(230 KB - Road Runner, Fall 2007

Continuing MoT’s Environmental Excellence
(63 KB - Road Runner, Spring 2007

Deer–Vehicle Crash Reductions Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin
(153 KB - Road Runner, Winter 2006

Ministry Leadership in Animal Collision Data Collection Systems (227 KB - Road Runner, Summer 2006)

Wildlife Accident Mitigation in Hokkaido, Japan
(167 KB - Road Runner, Fall2005)

Ministry WARS Leading the Way
(60 KB - Road Runner, Winter 2004)

Road Runner Employee Newsletter Directory


Landscape Design Management

Manual of Aesthetic Design Practice (September 1991)

Erosion Control and Vegetation Management

Best Practices for Managing Invasive Plants on Roadsides - A Pocket Guide for British Columbia's Maintentance Contractors (2010 edition) (PDF, 3 MB - 2010 Edition)

Highways Operations - Targeted Invasive Plant Solutions - (TIPS) (1.54 MB PDF - July 2008)

Manual of Control of Erosion and Shallow Slope Movement
(6 MB PDF - August 1997)

Standard Specifications for Highway Construction - Volume 2

  • Section 751 - "Topsoil and Landscape Grading" (PDF, 88 KB)
  • Section 754 - "Planting of Trees, Shrubs and Ground Covers" (PDF, 790 KB)
  • Section 757 - "Revegetation Seeding" (PDF, 197 KB)
  • Section 766 - "Irrigation" (PDF, 218 KB)
  • Section 769 - "Protection and Retention of Vegetation" (PDF, 19 KB)

II. Archived Reference Material

The material under here is outdated but presented here for reference purposes.

Environmental Management Plan Abstract (PDF, Feb. 1999)

Environmental Management System Abstract (PDF, Draft)




Traffic, Electrical, Highway Safety, and Geometric Standards Section Publications

  1. Traffic and Electrical Engineering
  2. Traffic Management & Traffic Control
  3. Signing & Pavement Markings
  4. Survey
  5. Geometric Design
  6. Highway Safety
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Technical Circulars
  9. Technical Bulletins - Traffic and Electrical
  10. Technical Bulletins - BC Supplement to TAC Geometric Design Guide

1. Traffic and Electrical Engineering

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Interoperability

Naztec Traffic Controller Assembly Manual (PDF, February 2012)

Naztec Programming Guide (PDF, August 2010)

Effects of High Voltage Transmission Line In Proximity of Highway (September 30, 2005)

Performance-based Electrical Maintenance Specifications
(May 2005)

(Draft) Maintenance Manual for Standard Electrical Equipment (March 2001)

(Draft) Electrical And Signing Material Standards (2 Volumes)

Electrical and Traffic Engineering Manual
Guidelines for the Design of Lighting, Signal and Sign Installation

Traffic Controller Assembly Manual (PDF, 1.7 MB - January 9, 2004)

Traffic Controller Design Manual (PDF, 2.5 MB - January 12, 2004)

LMD8000 Programming Guide (PDF, 2.9 MB - December 28, 2003)

Pedestrian Crossing Control Manual for British Columbia

Use of Plastic Underground Electrical Junction Boxes

Technical Bulletins
A listing of Technical Bulletins issued by Traffic and Electrical Section

Recognized Products List

2. Traffic Management

3. Signing & Pavement Markings

4. Survey

5. Geometric Design

6. Highway Safety

7. Miscellaneous

Count Station Installation and Maintenance Guidelines
(PDF, 273 KB - January 2004)

Drawings for the Schedule of Approximate Quantities and Unit Price Form (PDF, 963 KB - January 2004)

Jurisdictional Scan of Traffic Management During Incidents on Bridges - Discussion Paper (PDF, 57 KB - September 2008)