Preliminary Approval and Development

After completing the requirements of the PLA, submit your final package to the District Transportation Office:

  • Survey Plan Certifications
    The survey plan is the final subdivision plan prepared by a registered BC Land Surveyor. It must contain the signatures of all parties with a registered interest in the land before being deposited in the Land Title & Survey Authority. You should submit the survey plan within three months from the date the survey was completed. If the survey plan is older than three months, the Approving Officer may require the BC Land Surveyor to reinspect the plan.

  • Application to Deposit Plan at Land Title Office
  • Current Certificate of Title
  • Current Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Originals of all legal documents requiring approval, such as covenants and statutory rights of way
  • Copies of permits, certificates, licenses, approvals, and orders
  • Plan examination fee
    The plan examination fee is paid to the Provincial Government to recover a portion of the costs of the final checking, approval, and signing of the subdivision plans.
This guide is a living document; it is subject to change without notice. Please check the Rural Subdivisions Website ( to make sure you version is sufficiently current.