VIP eForm System – Known Issues

Issue Description

%PDF Print Problems

At times a user may receive an error message "File does not begin with % PDF" and are unable to print the inspection report. The user should:

  1. (Monday – Friday 8:30 – 4:30) Contact the VIP Office (250-952-0577) and request that the inspection report be regenerated. The user will then be able to print the report using the ‘Search for Inspection Report’ function accessible from the VIP Online Home page to retrieve and print the report.
  2. (Any other time) Perform a 'Correction' on the original inspection without changing any of the original inspection data. This will allow the user to keep the same decal number and obtain a printed copy of the inspection report.

Please notify the VIP Office (250-952-0577) of any %PDF problems as we are trying to correct this problem.

Adobe Reader

We are currently experiencing some viewing problems with Adobe reader version 9.3 and recommend that you do not install this version.

Correcting an Inspection

The system will only allow you to correct the following information:

  • Inspector Number
  • Vehicle Info (only unit/fleet number, plate number and odometer)
  • Owner information
  • Brake Component information (eg. measurements, but not brake type)
  • Decal Number
  • Decal Expiry Date (only for CVIP and only if original inspection reason was not annual or semi-annual)

If you need to correct any other information, you must submit a new Complete inspection - under General Comments, please identify the original inspection confirmation number. If the vehicle has already left your facility, you will need to mail a copy of the new inspection report to the owner.

Drum Measurements

If you do not need to measure the Drum Inside Diameter of an axle, you must enter 0 (zero) for both the left and right measurement and provide a Comment. If you do not measure the drum on any axle of the vehicle, you must record the drum measurement as described above for each and every axle.

Decal Expiry Date

Some users have experience difficulties in generating a decal expiry date. If this occurs, do not use the calendar function (small calendar icon) beside the Completion Date and Time field, and instead manually type in the date and time.


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