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Cyclists throughout British Columbia will benefit from new, safe and high-quality cycling trails, bike lanes, bike lockers and more, thanks to Bike BC, a $31-million program for cycling infrastructure.

Bike BC is one of the largest investments the Province has ever made in building and improving cycling infrastructure in communities across the province. This will enhance cycling as an option for people to commute, run errands or spend their leisure time.

The program is a strategic investment to build important cycling corridors of regional and provincial significance and will be awarded province wide over the next three years. Some possible projects are new bike trails and cycling lanes, improvements to existing cycling infrastructure, and providing for bike lockers and other equipment that makes cycling a safer and more convenient option for travelers.

Cycling is a key component of the Province’s strategy for encouraging healthy living and addressing climate change, in conjunction with the Climate Action Plan and the Provincial Transit Plan.

Local Governments may apply to Bike BC through the ministry’s Cycling Infrastructure Partnerships Program or contact the ministry at  

Cycling in BC

Cycling Information

By working with our partners the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has developed its own Cycling Policy and helps maintain the province’s cycling legislation.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure provides cycling improvements on provincial infrastructure through our major projects, such as the Gateway Program, and through the ministry’s day-to-day operations, by way of our maintenance contractors. The ministry also assists with other funding programs that can invest in cycling infrastructure, such as LocalMotion, BC Building Canada Fund, and the Built Environment and Active Transportation planning grants.

The ministry participates in many multi-agency initiatives that promote and encourage cycling. These include the development of the Spirit of 2010 Trail, the Recreation Trails Strategy for British Columbia and Bike to Work Week promotional campaign. The ministry also provides useful information and services to the travelling cyclists through Drive BC, the George Massey Tunnel Bicycle Shuttle, and special event permits.

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